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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  March 24, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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an intense search of the waters over half-moon bay fails to find any trace of a man who disappeared off the beach.
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>> christien kafton has the last conversation with lopez. >> reporter: you can see that his boss and coworkers are still here outside of the restaurant still trying to take in this terrible day. he had just finished a shift this afternoon, went to the ocean just a few hundred yards away and disappear into the water. >> reporter: a coast guard helicopter searched over head while rescue crews searched the water looking for any signs of 22-year-old carlos javier lopez. manuel soto finished a lunch shift about 3:00. they were near the ocean playing soccer. in spanish soto told me he lost sight of lopez in the beach. when he turned to look for him in the water he had already slipped under. coast guard searched the water
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for over two hours. tailor siris said the rips were hard. >> all the rifts were sucking pretty hard. >> reporter: tonight the restaurant owner suki is hoping for the best. >> he is hard working, he is good. >> reporter: lopez family still lives in mexico. he has a brother and sister here in the u.s. this evening the coast guard told us that there is no plans to resume the sáurpblg tomorrow morning. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news -- resume the search tomorrow morning. a family is mourning the loss of a soldier. james grizzam died thursday from wounds he received during small arms fire last monday. the special forces soldier graduated from mount eden high school in hayward in 1989 and he joined the military in 2003. he is survived by his wife,
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parents and sister. the parents of a contra costa county marine killeded in a double murder suicide planned to fly in to retrieve their daughter's body. castro was killed by this man lopez. lopez also killed another marine before turning the gun on h himself. investigators have not released. castro mata was living out her dream. >> she just wanted to serve her country, you know. like since high school she just always said i want to go to the marines. she was so happy about it. >> reporter: castro mata's family told the mercury news they had no indication of trouble at the base and that sarah was friends with lopez but they had not heard of the other marine. he has been identified as 23- year-old corporal jacob wolley of mississippi. wolley was also a staff member at the school.
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he was just a few months away from returning home. a heartbreaking loss led to a huge turn out today in sonoma. deborah villalon live now in santa rosa where 14-year-old marcus johnson was remembered today. >> reporter: heather this message at rincon valley middle school will greet students returning tomorrow from spring break. expressing the sorrow many of them shared today. >> reporter: when he was 3 years old he started watching his cousin chase race. >> reporter: both racers both champions until a freak accident with a steering wheel sent one teenager's car careening out of control hitting and killing his own cousin. >> marcus was watching a race in marysville when a freak unforseen, unavoidable accident took place. >> reporter: that was the only mention of the crash as a crowd filled this church and
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overflowed into two other rooms. 1,700 people in all. >> he would be overwhelmed i think he would say wow, cool. but i wish they all were in an arena some where watching me play basketball. >> reporter: basketball was the eighth graders other passion. >> he didn't turn his uniform in immediately at the end of the season. >> reporter: his coach remembers an apology marcus wrote to him. >> not only did he take the time to write a note but he took responsibility. he liked doing things right. >> reporter: marcus was remembered as competitive but compassion gnat. a kid who would run faster than anyone but encouraged the slow pokes. a charmer. >> i would do his art for him every single day. >> reporter: the same friends a week ago flooded his phone with texts. >> the pleads of marcus, please reply. marcus please reply. tell me this isn't true. were heart wrenching.
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>> we're going back to school tomorrow knowing he's not going to be there. >> reporter: the crowd was reminded life is precious, brief, uncertain. an urge to live it like marcus with grace -- >> i had a crush on him and so i used to like to stair -- stare at him all the time. i remember one time he said you stared at me 120 times today. >> goodbye for now, goodbye for now marcus. and until we meet again, i hope you are always the lead car and hitting all your jump shots. >> reporter: 17-year-old chase johnson surrounded by family and friends also got a lot of loving support today. he is of course devastated by his cousin's death. he chose not to speak at the memorial to keep the focus on marcus. deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. hayward police are investigating a drive by shooting that sent officers described as an innocent
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motorist to the hospital. police say it appears the driver was not the intended target he was driving with his wife and child in the car when he was hit. he was taken to a near by hospital and he is expected to survive. police were checking out surveillance video taken from a gas station in the area for other clues. no suspect information has been released. investigators are trying to determine how a man's body ended up in the water at the richmond inner harbor. police say one called at three o -- at three o -- at 3:00 this afternoon. homicide investigators were called to the scene. the cause of death is still under investigation. the highway patrol is investigating a fatal accident early this morning in san leandro. it happened around 12:30 a.m. on interstate 580 in dutton avenue. the man got out of a stopped car and ran into the freeway.
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the driver of a van tried to avoid the man but could not and struck and killed him. there is no word yet on the victim's identity. san francisco police say they've caught almost a dozen vandals red handed this morning as they were spray painting graffiti. officers arrested the suspects near fulsome street. police say they found several bags and backpacks full of spray paint cans. 11 people in all were taken into custody. officers say they will all likely face felony charges because the damage exceeded $500. a new memorial to those killed in a pipeline explosion and fire was dedicated today. the mosaic wall is at the bethany presbyterian church. eight people died in the 2010 explosion including three members of that church.
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38 homes were destroyed. continuing coverage on proposition eight. after years of legal wrangling the issue of same-sex marriage reaches the supreme court this week. the justices will hear arguments about the federal defense of marriage act defining marriage as only between a man and a woman as well as prop eight. california's ban on same-sex marriage was struck down twice by lower courts. it's now up to the highest court in the land to decide if tens of thousands of the same- sex couples in the golden state may marry. people camping out will compete for 240 seats in the courtroom. oral arguments give the justices the opportunity to discuss the issue. on the air waves, both sides framed the issue as a matter of freedom. >> it's about altering all of society. with marriage goes with what our children are thought. people losing the right to
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define the morals of our children. it's about the right to conduct business. >> if you believe that children are best raised in families where both of their parents are married then there's no better answer to overturn something like prop eight. >> reporter: camela harris once san francisco's district attorney called such marriage a fund -- fundamental rights. >> 14 times the united states supreme court has described marriage as a fundamental right. >> reporter: meanwhile some on the right chose support for same-sex marriage or aspects of it. tea party conservative ron paul explained why he is against d.o.m.a. the defense of marriage act. >> it's a very complicated issue. i've always said the state has the right to decide. and i don't think the federal government should tell anybody how they should decide this. >> reporter: the supreme court will hear arguments about
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d.o.m.a. on wednesday. supreme court ruling are expected in june. more details now on what the decision on prop eight could mean for california and the rest of the country. among the scenarios if the court strikes down prop-8 as a violation of constitutional rightings, same-sex marriage would become -- constitutional rights, same-sex marriage would become law. or they could decide states will decide. while those results are not clear cut, some legal experts think the lower court rulings would stand allowing same-sex couples to marry in california. david stevenson will have live reports throughout the day. we will go in-depth on the
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case and gauge reaction from washington, d.c. to the bay area. bay area postal workers fight to keep saturday delivery. where they say cuts could be made instead. in pursuit, the charges a driver now faces after leading
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a rally today in san francisco to stop plans to cut saturday mail delivery. ann rubin spoke to upset postal workers fighting to keep their jobs and service. >> reporter: today they weren't delivering mail, these letters carriers were delivering a message. >> we need six day delivery. >> reporter: right now that sixth day or saturday mail delivery is in jeopardy. now this. >> a lot of the carriers are concerned. we don't know what's going to happen. we would like a solution though. >> reporter: and they believe there are better options like changing the way future retiree health benefits are funded so that's why they're here to get the public's attention and get them to contact congress. >> the bottom line is you want to keep the postoffices open.
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you want to continue to have saturday delivery. you need to make sure to let congress know to set reasonable changing. >> reporter: eliminating saturday mail delivery is reasonable. saving $2 billion. the postmaster general addressed the topic earlier this week. >> we lost 27% of our total value of mail you can't sit back and do nothing. >> we need to make sure that our folks are able to get their mail delivered and to deliver their mail on saturdays. >> six day delivery of course is very, very convenient for us. >> reporter: letter carriers are hoping people won'twant to give it up so bay area residents are being divided. >> it wouldn't bother me five day, six days. >> reporter: for now they're continuing to prepare to continue saturday mail delivery come august. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. now to the gun control debate. with the assault weapons plan in doubt the nra is now
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attacking universal background checks. the gun rights group said today the checks are a false. >> criminals aren't going to be checked. they're not going to do this. the shooters in tucson, in aurora, in newtown they're not going to be checked. senator feinstein said the assault weapon's bill is not dead. she demand that other senators stand up and be counted. the senator said we all take tough votes and you live with those votes. around 250,000 people
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filled st. peter's square today for pope francis' first palm sunday mass. in his homily marking the start of holy week, the pope encouraged people to be humble and joyful. at the end of the mass, pope francis was then driven around to greet the crowd. he also kissed and petted the heads of infants passed to him by bodyguards. >> reporter: thousands of people also gathered at churches to celebrate palm sunday. according to scripture, palm sunday marks jesus' entry to jerusalem. it's the beginning of the holiest week culminating with easter sunday. a warning tonight from san mateo sheriff deputy who say they are seeing a rise in so called door knock robberies. the sheriff's office says thieves knock on the front door of the house to see if someone is home. if someone answers the door, the thieves will ask the
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directions of name of a person in the home but if no one answers the door, they break- in. new information tonight about a hit-and-run in oakland that killed a bicyclists police have now arrested a woman in connection with last night's crash. officers found the victim in the 2600 block of p era lta street at about 10:20. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. according to the oakland tribune the driver returned to the scene a few hours later and police took her into custody. investigators have not yet released the names of either the victim or the driver. we now know the identity of a man killed in a head on crash yesterday morning on highway 54 in sonol. 46-year-old todd sherr was driving east when he crossed a double yellow line and into the path of another vehicle. sherrwood was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver and two passengers in that second car had minor injuries. we have new information about a triple shooting at a
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san francisco nightclub. police say the shooting early yesterday morning stemmed from an argument inside the 330 rich nightclub not far from at&t park. authorities have determined one man was shot inside the club. another was shot in front of the club and the third man was shot in a near by parking lot. one victim was in critical condition but he has been upgraded to stable. the club will be shut down at least through tuesday. police arrested a man that led officers on a high speed chase early this morning. the pursuit started at 5:00 a.m. when officers spotted a suspected stolen car. police then chased that driver to san francisco. where the suspect eventually stopped the car, got out and started running. police arrested damon payge.
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he faces several charges. eight people were evacuated after a gas leak. a 3/4 inch line broke while someone was doing construction work. the line was fixed by 4:00 this afternoon and people were allowed back into their homes. gas prices continue to slowly drop around the country. today's lundburg survey finds that the average price is $4.14. here in the bay area gas is still above the $4 mark. in san francisco gas is averaging four will not $4.14. in oakland it's $402. the new devil slide tunnel is open to traffic tomorrow. caltrans will hold an
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invitation only ribbon cutting ceremony in the morning then construction crews will finish the final reconfiguration of the roads leading to and from the new tunnels. people will be allowed to drive through the tunnels a few hours later. the project is on highway 101. it bypasses that section of the highway that was prone to rock and mud slides. we have an incredible story of survival to tell you about. just how a 9-year-old girl managed to find help after a crash killed her father. but first, check this out a rooftop rescue. what the driver of this car said happened just before he went airborne and landed on a neighbor's house. and a rowdy protest in paris. the controversial issue that brought out thousands. a cooler pattern will set until for th
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an apparent mechanical malfunction caused a southern california couple's car to end up on a neighbor's roof. the driver says he thinks his brakes failed. the car went airborne and landed on a neighbor's roof. houses in the neighborhood line a steep curvy hillside. firefighters had to use a crane to lift the car off the roof. the good news nobody was seriously hurt. the conflict in sierra was the first agenda item when john kerry made a surprise visit to iraq. kerry is asking the iraqis to stop iran from using iraqi air space to fly weapons and fighters into syria. iran and iraq both claim the flights are only carrying humanitarian aid. kerry said he and iraqi president had a spirited conversation about the
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conflict. >> anything that supports president asad is problematic. and i made it very clear to the prime minister that the overflights from iraq are in fact, helping to sustain president assad and his regime. >> the unite is asking iraq to force the planes to land in iraq for inspections but so far only a few planes have been checked. the united nations estimate 70,000 people have been killed since the uprising began in syria two years ago. in other news of the world tonight, ciphers reached an 11 hour sale. the agreement is designed to -- the move was necessary to allow cypress to qualify for $13
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billion in international aid. in mali this weekend, rebels attacked the town of gauge. children dodged bullets to bring supplies to french forces fighting the rebels. this was the third major offensive by islamics since the town was retaken by a french led military operation in late january at least four rebels were killed. and in paris, hundreds of thousands demonstrated against a bill that would allow same- sex couples to marry and adopt children. the bill has already passed in france's lower house of parliament. a young southern california girl survived an early morning car crash and hiked about a mile to try to get help for her father. the father was driving down the sierra in los angeles county
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when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed at the bottom of a ravine. his 9-year-old daughter was able to get out of the car and set out to get help. the daughter was able to flag down a passing car. she was treated for minor injuries. the highway patrol says they believe alcohol played a role in the crash. how a california city could make history, plus -- >> oakland puts it best foot forward with this year's running festival. how the annual event has grown in popularity. also the doctor convicted in the deat
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a fierce competition in the streets of oakland as thousands took part in the running festival. one of the events ended with a new record. >> reporter: the first runners left at 7:30 this morning. >> i'm not usually from the bay area, so for me it was a really great way to see all of oakland for the first time. you know on the street. >> reporter: the oakland running festival had events for every skill level. including a half marathon and fun run for the kids. and it took just over 2-1/2 hours for the winners of the full marathon to cross the finish line. >> i'm very proud of being in oakland. >> reporter: on the women's side --
12:03 am
devin yanco of san anselmo set a new record. >> it's very satisfying. i don't think there's anything more satisfying than coming through that line at first. >> reporter: the organizers tells me this event has been steadily growing in popularity. >> annual increases have been about 15% every single year which is really great. and we're really please with those numberss are ss are -- numbers. >> reporter: and this is only the fourth year of the event. mayor quan says this allows oakland to put its best foot forward. >> what the marathoners tell me is this one of the best cities to run. >> reporter: in oakland, alex sadvidge. ktvu news. >> looks like a lot of fun. be sure to go to for a slide show of today's races just click on the slide show.
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if the court finds the city has done everything possible to pay its debt, stockton would be first city to file for bankruptcy. lawyers for dr. conrad murray argue that prosecutors didn't prove jackson was hooked up to an i.v. drip of the drug that killed him. the defense theory claims that jackson administered the deadly doze himself while murray was away. murray is currently serving four years in prison. apple has acquired a palo alto start up for a reported $20 million.
12:05 am
wifi slam focuses on indoor mapping and has developed technology that can locate a users location using wifi. the purchase is among several the cupertino company has made in recent years in an effort to improve it's mapping capabilities. the san jose city council is expected to improve an incentive couple for the expansion of samsung semi conductor. the deal was outlined in a signing with governor brown and senator reed. it includes reimbursements. samsung is a subsidiary of samsung electronics. for many christians, easter is a time to reflect on god's gift to mankind but for others it can be a chance to delight on candy and sweets. there weekend sales were brisk at chocolate covered that's a
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shop in noe valley. sales were up from what they were a year ago. >> we were happy to have enough bunnies and carrots and eggs for everybody. >> reporter: easter spending survey estimates the average person celebrating easter will spend about get this $145 on candy, decor, clothes and food. in all easter spending in the u.s. is expected to hit $17 billion. a charity has the video of a rescue of a hawk caught on a utility pole. check the poor guy out. it happened last monday in w atsonville. pg & e brought a bucket truck out to get a wildlife worker up to free the hawk. workers were also able to reunite the bird with its handler. >> seems to be a calm hawk
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going through that. cony island welcomes visitors for the first time [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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new york's famed coney island reopened for business today despite the damage caused by super storm sandy. the theme park opens the week before easter every year but the opening was in question this year after the storm caused serious damage to the park's electrical system. the famous cyclone roller coaster was christened with a bottle of egg cream. also damaged in october super storm was the statute of
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liberty. that is now scheduled to reopen on the fourth of july. there is no scheduled day to open ellis island which suffered damage to its mechanical and fire protection systems from that storm. here it was nothing but a really nice weekend. things are changing let's check in now with rosemary orosco to find out about the changes. >> we have some rain coming our way. we know we could use it but what is coming is not going to be a whole lot at least in the beginning. i'll explain that in a minute. let's take a look at the numbers outside your door right now. widespread 40s and 50s throughout the region. 53 in oakland, 54 walnut creek. notice we have clouds overhead a few low clouds will be forming along the coastline. i believe they will be spreading inland as we move through the evening hours. high clouds over head, we've seen that throughout the weekend. and we're going to continue to see that. they're going to thicken up a little bit in time for monday. then then on shore breeze is back.
12:11 am
a little breezy early on. but the winds have died down just a little bit. but again the on shore breeze is back. so the cooler pacific air is going to be moving in. the moisture is going to be moving back into the area. we're already seeing it in the way of low clouds. had a little bit of it this morning and i expect we'll have it monday morning as well. storm tracker 2 associated with this system here. not going to bring you any rain but will bring us the dry mild weather. 530miles out. this is sort of falling apart as it moves closer to the mid- coast. it's going to bring in the cooler air and eventually we may see a few sprinkles by my way wednesday. this is what's in store for monday. first a cooldown then maybe a chance for some rain. let me show you what i'm talking about here. monday morning we wake up, low clouds along the coastline. for the afternoon pretty thick batch of high clouds so that
12:12 am
very dull sunlight expected for monday. but we're still dry. tuesday a second system is going to drop by. maybe a few sprinkles by wednesday. it seems like it move -- moves in a little closer to us. doesn't look like we're going to see a whole lot. maybe a slight chance for the second part of the week and on wednesday a better chance. 46 for oakland as we start the week tomorrow. 43 san rafael getting outside. santa rosa low 40s expected for you. sunrising right about 7:06. for the afternoon temperatures will cool by a few degrees. 67 in fairfield for tomorrow. 66 in concord, low 60s around the bay down into the south bay 66 san jose, 67 expected for santa cruz. first a subtle cool down, increasing clouds on tuesday. chance for rain on wednesday, thursday. we're going to be into some
12:13 am
subtle pattern as we get into the easter weekend. a little damp but it doesn't really look like a whole lot of rain coming our way. it's going to be light for all those days of rain on the icon. it doesn't materialize a whole lot. easter weekend we might see a little more rain but we'll have to track it to see how that goes. >> we will dress appropriately. >> yes. >> thank you. anthony adams is retiring from the nfl and he announced it through you tube. >> i appreciate everybody coming out for my big announcement. >> i'm retiring today. >> the big announcement brought crickets according to his video. he ends up announcing his retirement at an almost empty white castle restaurant. he played with the chicago bears for five years. >> i'm guessing he's had one or
12:14 am
two white castle burgers. the stanford women struggle in their first ncaa game. >> but he [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪
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keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is! [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything. visit to apply. good evening everyone and welcome to this late evening sports zone. the cardinals hosting 16th seat sul -- tulsa and it was close. the golden hurricanes came out
12:17 am
tough. turner for two. this game was tied at 24 in halftime. it was the second half that stanford took gland and agumike took over and agumike with 29. she takes a feed from sarah shane. agumike added 11 rebounds. stanford advances to the second round that game will be tuesday against the eighth seed in the region michigan after this 72- 56 win. the men's tournament is down to its final 16. every year it seems there's one team that elicits a single word response, who.
12:18 am
this year it's florida college. eagles put the game away with a 17-0 run. comer to wright. pressure on the back court but the eagles broke it. bernard thompson broke two of its 33. and they go crazy about becoming the first 15th seed to make it to the final 16. san diego state sees its season come to an end. the eagles might be new but they weren't scared. >> we're all about having fun and also playing really hard. and you know, something that we like to do we like to get the crowd involved as you guys who watched the game you've seen that over the course of the game the whole crowd started to get behind us even if they're not from fort myers or like i like to say dunk city. they gave us the motivation to keep us playing hard. >> the battle of basketball
12:19 am
heavyweights. tar heels led by nine at the half but it was all jay hawks in the second half. kevin young to wimp ey. and a 70-58 win. up next for kansas is michigan. it was florida over minnesota. the gators get to take on that crazy florida team. one year ago duke lost in the tournament's opening round. this year the blue devils are in the field of 15. absent minded crayton. tyler thornton to beat the buzzer and he does. thornton clanking -- clanks it in on time before the half. curry's brother seth duke moves on with a 66-50 win. the blue devils will next meet michigan state. another number one seed, ohio state got all it wanted
12:20 am
from iowa state. the cyclones trail by two. make it lead by one after tyrus mcgee hit the three. they were tied at 75 when the buckeyes held the time out. they decided to play for one. launches one from beyond the arch. all left, they celebrate their fourth straight trip arizona awaits. this game came down to the final second. they are tied at 74. garland to the hoop with three seconds left. the rebels try to inbound but can't. the explorers advance for a date with wichita state after this 76-74 win. and a big test for another number one seed indiana in the
12:21 am
east. the hoosiers get a nice pass and will find shehee underneath. temple's wyatt with the long three. temple needs to stop. good from beyond the arch indiana up by four with 15 seconds left. up next for indiana is syracuse. sugar shane larkin pulled back and nailed a three for the hurricanes with a free throw battle after that. miami wins 63-69 and gets a date with marquette. tonight comes word of an official casualty of march
12:22 am
madness. coach ben howland has been fired. howland spent 10 years with the bruins. the oakland a's have a nice problem this spring. so many players are performing so well it'll be difficult to figure out which players to leave out of the roster and which one will make it on. they got some nice defense behind john beckett. and take a hit away from mike young. but nobody will be able to get this ball. jet lawry with a blast. that tied the games but the a's were just getting warmed up. they took seven runs from beckett. that's the fifth home run of the spring for norris. they're offense looks opening day ready as the a's go on to win 7-4. giants got five strong innings. buster posey drove in the
12:23 am
winning drive in the ninth. still to come on this late sunday night edition of sports wrap.
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stock car drivers see a lot of each over and sometimes they rub each over the wrong way. there was a little more of that today in fontana between stewart and logano. stewart is trying to get around logano. puts up a nice roadblock. more to come on this. to the final lap where logano and hamlin were battling for the lead. bush went on to claim his first win of the year. take another look at the
12:27 am
accident. you can see that hamlin got the worse of it he goes hard into the wall. hamlin able to climbed out of his car but then he was taken to the hospital. stewart went looking for logano. it was more stewart than logano wanted to see. dale earnhart jr. came in second. >> what angered you at the end of the race. what did you take issue with. >> what the [ bleep ] do you think i cared about. [ bleep ] he's the one that drives like a little [ bleep ] i'm going to bust his [ bleep ] >> they're warning up their tires for a restart when j.r.hilobrand gets too close to the wall. here's how it looks if you were power. he kept going. hilabrant was finished for the
12:28 am
day. the winner was james hinclift which some are calling the next rising star. he now has his first career win. with the win this weekend at bay hill tiger woods would have reclaimed if number one position. he will have to wait another day to see if he could pull off. there will not be anything for garcia to do tomorrow. garcia took a double bogey he also made a nine on the sixth hole and later withdrew. matt avery will not be on the hunt but he did make an impressive shot on number two. the ball yoyos back into the hole for an eagle. woods trying to win this tournament for an eighth time. increased it to three after this birdie in the second hole. and then the rain came, and when they say rain in florida they mean it. they will resume play tomorrow. the baltimore ravens who
12:29 am
have been losing players all offseason today gained one. elvis dumerville has agreed to a five year contract. broncos had been trying to restructure a new contract but a deadline technicality and the effect that dume rville had a new agent swinged things in the baltimore favor. that's it for this late sunday night sports wrap. i don't remember that. >> we don't want to. thank you joe. that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to join the ktvu morning news for the long awaited opening of the new devil slide's tunnels. a big celebration planned for that. so be sure to tune in tomorrow morning. and remember we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks so much for joining us. good night everyone. éñ>pú8npoxpñ
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